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Make Money Podcasting with Podcorn

Are you ready to make money podcasting? In this video, we show you how to find sponsorships for your show using Podcorn. 🎧

Video Transcription

Podcorn is a marketplace for podcast sponsorships, and Podcasting has partnered with them to help you monetize your show.

Here’s how you can add Podcorn to your podcast hosting account:

1. Log into your RSS account, go to your podcast dashboard, and click “Add-Ons.”

2. Once at the Add-Ons Page, click “Activate” under “Monetize your show.”

3. At this point, a pop-up should come onto the screen. Click the green button to enable tracking so sponsors can determine your show’s reach.

4. Another pop-up should come on the screen letting you know that tracking is enabled. Now, click “Sign up and find sponsors.”

5. At this point you’ll be directed to Podcorn’s website to create an account with them. Enter your podcast name and your email address, and choose a password. Then, click “Sign Me Up” to begin their onboarding process.

6. In the first step of onboarding, you’ll enter your first and last name, and click “next step.”

7. Next, you’ll tell Podcorn about your show. Upload a profile picture, share your RSS feed, select the category that best represents your podcast, and the country you’re based in.

8. Then, share how often you release new episodes, and click “next step.”

9. Now it’s time to verify your RSS feed. Podcorn will send an email to your inbox. Click the link they send you, and you’ll receive a podcast verified notification.

10. From the podcast verified page, click the “Go to Dashboard” button to complete your onboarding.

11. The last step is to click the button that says, “complete onboarding.” Now you can start browsing sponsors and sending proposals to them. Click “Sponsorships” at the top of the Podcorn website to view opportunities to monetize your show.

If you find one you are interested in, click “view details” to learn more. And, if you want to apply to work with one of them, simply click “Send Proposal”

Before you know it, you’ll be creating ads, and making money on your podcast. today I wanna share how you can make money podcasting with Podcorn. 💰