Podcasting Tips

Help Your Podcast Grow with Stats

Today I’m sharing a very exciting announcement. In September Podcasting started beta testing our brand-new analytics dashboard.

We’re always adding new features to user hosting accounts, and one of the features that has been requested is analytics. You asked! We delivered! 

If you log into your hosting account, you’ll see there is a new analytics tab next to the my podcast tab. Click that and you can see your current numbers.

At the top of the page you’ll see your subscriber and download numbers.

Scroll down a little on the page and you can view your top five episodes based on the number of downloads.

Scroll down a little further and you can view the most popular time that your audience is downloading your episodes by time and day of the week.

Our current analytics dashboard is still in beta, but we’re working on some more exciting features for our podcast hosting customers. Soon we’ll have geolocation of your subscribers so you can tell what part of the world is listening to you the most, and we’re working on adding a feature that lets you know what type of device was used to download your episodes. 

We know that this kind of information is important to understanding and segmenting your audience. The more information you can gather, the better. This helps you with sponsorships and opportunities to monetize your show.

The world of podcasting grows in popularity every day, and we’re constantly keeping our ear to the ground to learn what podcasters like you need to make your show as successful as possible. Don’t have an account yet? Get one today! Head over to and sign up for your own podcast hosting account.