Podcasting Tips

How to Get Your Podcast on iTunes

Hey everyone! Ashley here with podcasting. Today I’m sharing how to get your podcast on iTunes, which has long been considered the best place to have your show listed. While other directories like Google Podcasts and Spotify are favored by many hosts, iTunes still reigns supreme.

So here’s how to get your show on the platform. First head to You’ll need to create an Apple ID if you don’t already have one. Otherwise, login to get started.

Once you’ve logged in, the first screen you should see is an RSS Feed submission form. Fill in your feed’s url, and then click validate.

After it’s been validated, the details of your show should populate on the page, and if there are no issues, the status will say “Prepared for submission.” Now, click the submit button to have your show sent to Apple for review.

Once you click submit, it may take a few moments, but you should receive a pop up that says “podcast successfully submitted for review.” The notice also indicates that Apple will email you once the review process is complete.

Click Ok on the pop up and you’ll be taken to your podcast’s iTunes page where you should see a status that says “submitted for review.”

If everything is in order, you’ll receive an email from Apple that indicates your show has been approved for iTunes. If not, it should explain why it was rejected with instructions for fixing the issues for resubmission.

The approval email will contain a link to your show on the iTunes store and information on when it will be live and visible using search. And that’s all there is to it. Now you can update your website with your iTunes link and tell the world your show is officially on the platform. Thanks for tuning in.