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FAQ: how do I change the default URL of the podcast feed?

The main RSS podcast feed is always generated automatically in the main folder of Podcast Generator (e.g.

Howevever, if you want to specify a different URL to be shown as RSS feed (e.g. in case of use of third-party services, such as feedburner or podtrac) follow these steps:

  • Open Podcast Generator config.php file on your server using a simple text editor.
  • Look for the line: $feed_URL_replace = "";
  • Specify the desired URL between the double quotes (e.g. $feed_URL_replace = "";)

The new URL will replace automatically the old one in all the web pages of Podcast Generator.

In the specific case you want to adopt Podtrac to track the usage of your podcast, here is the code you can copy-paste in Podcast Generator config file:
$feed_URL_replace = "".$url.$feed_dir."feed.xml";
(Where yourAccount corresponds to your account on Podtrac. Don't forget to add the ? after the account.)

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