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How do I Increase the limit in size of the files uploaded through Podcast Generator?

The maximum upload size of a single file is not determined by Podcast Generator, yet by the configuration of the server that hosts your podcast. Technically speaking, there are a couple of variables (upload_max_filesize and post_max_size) that set the maximum size of a filed uploaded to the server via web. Normally, hosting providers set these values on a range that spans between 5 and 30 MB. However in most of the cases, these values can be increased so that you will be able to upload larger files (e.g. long audio podcast or video interviews) with Podcast Generator.

  • If you own a server and have direct access to its configuration, change upload_max_filesize, post_max_size values in the php.ini config file to suit your needs. You might also want to increase memory_limit in case you experience memory errors while processing with large files.

  • If you can't directly change these settings, ask your hosting provider to do so. Normally you can contact the customer service of your hosting provider and they'll do it for you.

If your hosting provider for some reason refuses to modify the aformentioned values for you (e.g. very cheap hosting services, low resources availability) then you will be limited to the max upload size they chose. The good news is that you can still upload large files with Podcast Generator without any size limitation using the, so called, "FTP feature"directly from Podcast Generator administration area.

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