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FAQ: How do I change the administrator password?

There is no direct option to change administrator password in Podcast Generator admin area. However the password can be changed manually in a quite simple way:

  1. Access to Podcast Generator folder in your server (e.g. via FTP);
  2. Open with a simple text editor config.php file (make a backup copy before);
  3. In config.php go to the line containing the variable $userpassword: enclosed between double quotes you will see a long series of characters corresponding to your current password;
  4. Change the old password with the new desired one

Notice that for security reasons your old password is not stored as plain text, yet as a 32-digit MD5 encrypted string (something like: 6d4db5ff0c117864a02827bad3c361b9). This means that you will have to convert your new password to that format before replacing the old one in config.php. It's a matter of seconds: you can use for instance this simple md5 conversion tool to encrypt your desired new password in MD5.

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