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Server limits and workarounds: the "FTP Feature"

When uploading media files through Podcast Generator web admin interface, a decisive limit users might encounter is the maximum upload size allowed for each single file. This value doesn’t depend on Podcast Generator configuration, yet it is set in the server setup. A default limit of 8MB per single file, for example, could be adequate to upload audio files but not suitable for video podcasting.

This value can be easily increased by editing the upload_max_filesize, post_max_size and memory_limit variables in the php.ini configuration file in the server.

However, if a user is not allowed by any means to modify the server configuration (e.g. in some shared or free hosting environments), Podcast Generator offers the "FTP Feature", an alternative approach to upload large files.

Files can be alternatively uploaded via FTP (or through other means, such as SSH) without any size limitation and processed through the FTP feature (available in Podcast Generator web admin interface), which scans the media directory and indexes all the uploaded episodes: if available, titles and authors data is read from the ID3 tags, while users can eventually edit the new episodes and add additional information, such as keywords and long description.

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